Boat Frames

CALL CY, 208-257-3589, for ordering, pricing, etc. about boat frames, tables, fire pans, and aluminum boxes. These frames are breakdown frames made of tubular steel. Cy custom builds each one for your particular raft,(no cat frames) and cooler configuration. IMG_1408



Bill's Boat

Green Boat

  1. Steve Smith says:

    I’m looking at one of your Salmon River style frames for a new Jack’s Plastic 16.5 foot raft. I’m under the impression that each of your frames is built specifically for each boat? I’ve also seen a couple of packages with your frames… frame and a couple of dry boxes for a reduced rate. Is this something I could do directly through you, or would I need to go through a dealer? Lastly, I haven’t seen a frame extension module from you… do you make one? I would like to be able to butt it up next the short end of the frame and hang a mesh bag from it for more gear.
    I’m glad to find your website, looking forward to talking with you!
    Steve Smith

    • mkwert says:

      Steve, you can call Cy anytime at 208-257-3589 and he can answer all your questions. You can order from us and we do make a cargo module that accommodates a drop bag. I’m sorry about not checking this blogsite. A friend set it up and I don’t really use it. Our email address is

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